In today’s digital age, music streaming platforms have fundamentally changed how we consume music. Deezer stands out as a major player, revolutionizing the music industry and providing a unique listening experience. But what exactly makes Deezer different? Let’s embark on a sonic journey to find out!

Do you love to listen to music on your smart device as a habit? Then this might be an awesome page that will be focused on one of the best streaming that can expose you to the latest high-quality music and that is none other than Deezer! Feeling interested already? Continue to read this further, you will find more fabulous news ahead!

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What is Deezer?

Everyone loves to listen to music and most music lovers often use their smart devices to listen to music because it is what they always carry with them. There are different ways that you can listen to music on smart devices. Most of the mobile manufacturers also provide different players and software like the radio app where they can listen to songs but apparently, they are not enough for people who are desperate for the latest music because they cannot download music most of the time via provided privileges. Thus, they will have to generally search for songs on the internet and get them downloaded into the smart devices which will be irritating because of endless advertisements that pop up and of course because of the cookies and stuff. Understanding this, software companies started producing unique applications and services which provided music lovers the opportunity to listen to the latest songs, and they are generally known as music streaming services!

There are various music streaming services that are available on the internet and among them, It can be presented as one of the outstanding ones. It is a French audio streaming service that specializes in providing you the latest and high-quality music into your hands. 

If you go look for streaming services, Spotify and Apple music hold a certain place on the internet. However, unlike them, It has vast exposure to music and possesses an enormous music library filled with the world’s latest and the best quality lossless audio files that you can stream at any time that you want to. Currently, Deezer’s music library exceeds 50 million songs and therefore it has a high possibility that hardly there will not be any song that It cannot provide to you. Due to that reason, Ithas collected their fan base of more than 16 million active music listeners from more than 180 different countries in the world!

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History and Evolution of Deezer

Early Beginnings

In 2007, Daniel Marhely, a French entrepreneur, sparked a revolution in how people listened to music with the launch this app. Initially named Blogmusik, it was an innovative website where users could legally share and listen to tracks.

Transformation to Global Platform

In 2012, Deezer took a leap of faith by expanding internationally, which paid off. Today, it’s one of the world’s top music streaming services, boasting 16 million active users across 180+ countries.

Who can use Deezer?

There are some streaming services available on the web which work excellent with one operating system but cannot support other operating systems. But when it comes to Deezer, there will be no such issue because it is compatible with almost any of the mobile operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

So, if you are desperate to enjoy good music on your device, It can become your ideal music-providing streaming service. 

On the other hand, have you ever searched for an app or service that is capable of providing lossless music to you? There also, This app can satisfy you as it has the full potential to provide you lossless audio with a HIFI option which will make you stream FLAC files into your desktop too!

How to get Deezer?

Deezer will not be an app that is difficult to get!

It will be available in any place that you look at such as it is there on both the Play store if you are an Android user and on the App Store if you are using an Apple iOS device. 

Let us imagine that you are not much into mobile music listening, but love to listen to music freely on your desktop at your home, then no worries! Still, It will be ready to offer their best music to you on Deezer desktop apps which are both available for Mac and Windows!


How much is it to get music via Deezer?

Usually, most of the prevailing music streaming services are expensive if you are looking for the best and original music content because of the copyright issues held by old streaming companies. 

Thus, many have doubts about using Deezer as “How much is it to get music via Deezer?” because some people believe that wasting money for monthly music streaming service is worthless and you don’t have to waste even a dime if you wish for it! It is because Deezer can be used for free but you will have to get yourself registered in the app!

However, when you are using the free version of Deezer, you will learn that you will love music even more than before and will want to explore music Deezer even more. However, the free version of Deezer does not consist of some important features like offline streaming, and to enjoy such advanced features, you will subscribe to the premium version!

What are the unique features of Deezer?

Compared to other music streaming services, Deezer seems to have some unique and exclusive features, and here are a few of them!

  • SongCatcher – SongCatcher is an exclusive listening tool that will help you to capture your favorite tunes out of the songs that you listen to and save them so that you can listen to them later.
  • Deezer Lyrics – Deezer includes songs from different regions of the world. Music is a universal language still, if you can get lyrics of the music that you listen to, it would offer you enhanced music streaming right? No matter which song from which language that you listen to, It has its exclusive collection of lyrics where you can play with the song itself and sing while you listen to them!
  • Explore Podcasts/ radio stations – it’s not only offers you music streaming but also different other streaming services like podcasts and radio stations too. Therefore, you can listen to podcasts and radio channels all around the world live from the it from wherever you are now.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface – Though it is an advanced application it is a very simple app for you to use because of its high user-friendliness. Especially, the only thing you have to do to get music from Deezer is to go and type the name of the song, the name of the album, or the name of the singer on the search bar where they will provide you to direct links where you can not only listen to them but also download them into your device as well!

Comparing Deezer with Other Streaming Services

Deezer vs. Spotify

While both platforms have similar libraries, It’s unique features, like Flow and HiFi sound quality, give it an edge over Spotify.

Deezer vs. Apple Music

Comparing Deezer with Apple Music, Deezer’s SongCatcher and lyric features provide an enhanced user experience.


In a world awash with music streaming services, Deezer stands tall with its unique features, intuitive interface, and commitment to artists. Whether you’re a casual listener or a hardcore music lover, It has something for everyone. It’s not just a music streaming platform; it’s a musical universe waiting to be explored!

So, this is all that you need to know about Deezer right now, if you want to explore more, just get Deezer into your device, and do not forget to enjoy an enhanced and quality music streaming!